Mendip Stoves have developed a reputation for supplying superior stoves, with the best combustion techniques, classy appearances and build quality, ensuring that your stove will be a welcome addition to your home or business for many years to come. The Mendip Stove is the flagship of their brand. It brings simplicity and traditional styling along with brilliant multi fuel burning characteristics and is now available with unique enamel finishes in a range of colours to suit your style. The new highly acclaimed, award-winning Woodland stove offers a remarkable visual experience whilst allowing the stove to be placed closer to timber walls, due to exceptional insulating properties.

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Mendip 5

Mendip 5 Multifuel stove has real character, Our designers created a compact design with a strong fully welded body, cast iron door, cast iron convection top plate completed with quality milled stainless steel handle and controls. Each detail was considered carefully before being added to the design in order to improve burn, strength and looks. […]


Create a traditional focal point with our award-winning Woodland stove. The new design features a large viewing window and low heat output perfectly suited to today’s modern, well-insulated homes. Designed to burn wood cleanly and efficiently, it comes with a three-way air control adjustment system for optimal combustion.


For something different, our Somerton II is an elegantly proportioned cylindrical convection wood stove. The smooth rounded door features a stainless steel curved handle and is finished with an 8mm top plate. The strong steel fitted door also comes with a multiple locking point system to ensure an airtight fit. The range features the precise […]


The contemporary Loxton family is a 5mm steel stove fitted with a bespoke Mendip cast iron grate. Perfect for modern interiors, it offers a fully insulated vermiculite chamber with large ash pan. The range comes in a variety of sizes to suit your scheme, from the compact Loxton 3 SE to the large Loxton 10. […]


Bold and contemporary, the Churchill stove exudes modern charm with its gently curved glass window. Allowing for a stunning fire view and available in a range of sizes to suit all schemes, this model is versatile enough to suit any space. A convection top plate that transfers heat output more efficiently into your room is […]